Anna Ericsson was born and raised in Hudiksvall, Sweden, and since the mid 1980’s has been a professional Journalist and Illustrator for the newspaper Vasterbottens - Kuriren in Umea.
Anna’s area of expertise and theme for her art projects is horses. A variety of her articles using the horse as an art form have frequently been published over the years, and her art exhibitions have received excellent reviews. Anna’s work have found customers not only in Sweden, but also in Germany and the United States.
Her latest art project started in 2003 when she began to follow the wild Gotland Ponies in their natural habitat and learned to know the individual members of the herd. Even if every mare has a name and an owner, they are born and will die in the forest. The ambition was to get as close as possible to the horses and provide the atmosphere of Lojsta hed (Lojsta Forest) and express the ponies through paintings, sculptures as well as paper made from horse manure.

In the summer of 2008, her book “Lojsta hed – russens rike”,  (“Lojsta hed – the Kingdom of the Gotland Pony”) portraying the wild herd of the Gotland ponies on the island of Gotland, was published. The book contains aquarelles, sketches and texts which describe the members of the herd. (Published by Dialogos förlag:
Lojsta hed - russens rike